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Most Cost Effective CBD Dose

Bioavailability is defined by Harvard University School of Pharmacy as “the percent of dose entering the systemic circulation after administration of a given dosage form.” CBD from a Rxoid metered dose inhaler (MDI) is 98% bioavailable to the blood stream.

Rxoid’s properly formulated and designed MDI delivers CBD directly to the blood stream more effectively than any other method except an I.V.

Why is it important for a consumer to understand biovailability? Simply put, CBD ingested orally gets destroyed in your stomach severly limiting the amount you absorb in your blood stream. Unquestionably, when you smoke CBD (vape, dab, joint, bong, vaporize) you inhale the CBD molecule into the lung; however, when you exhale you lose at least one-half of the CBD you paid for.

In contrast, Rxoid’s MDI delivers 98% of each dose of CBD to the deep lung tissue for immediate transport to your brain via your systemic blood stream. Only 2% is lost during exhalation. To achieve this level of bioavailability, the quality and formulation of the CBD must be very pure and the MDI must be engineered at great expense in a medical laboratory. In other words, just dumping CBD isolate into an inhaler from China or elsewhere will not work without extensive scientific control and oversight.

A properly formulated and designed MDI is 100% more efficient in delivery of CBD to the blood stream compared to smoking or vaping. Compared to an edible, a 5mg dose from a Rxoid MDI is up to 2000% more efficient in delivering CBD into the blood stream. The same is true for so called nano particles and topicals.

Each Rxoid MDI has 100 actuations meaning you get 500 mg of CBD in your system per MDI. At just $150 per MDI, Rxoid is more cost effective per dose than any other product available when systemic bioavailability is considered. In fact, you would have to buy 5-20 bottles of leading CBD gummies to match the amount of CBD you get from 1 Rxoid inhaler.



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